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How to measure your dog for your bespoke dog outfit.

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1). The length of the coat.  Measure from the collar to the base of the tail.  Some tails curl over so make sure you judge the length from  neck to  rise of tail, not any longer.  Showing here 11 inches.  (see photo)
2).  Measure from toe to highest point of shoulder.  (see photo)
3).  Measure the chest area around the deepest point, just behind the front legs.  (see photo)
4).  Measure the loin area around the narrowest point.  (see photo)
5).  Measure just behind the ribcage for the location of the belly strap,  this is normally half way between  collar/neck and base of tail.  (see photo) Whippets being the exception.
6).  Measure the neck circumference, just above the shoulder blade, do not add on any allowance.