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We are approaching Christmas, why not treat your darling dog to a luxurious velvet bandana?  Gorgeous colours, burgundy, green and blue.   Contrasting cream velvet, double sided  neckerchiefs.
Dee OlofAuthor

Here is Monika the Chinese Crested dog wearing her specially made La Di Da Dog outfit. As Monika strutted her stuff in the show ring at the 2014 Melbourne Races in Australia,  she was photographed by on-lookers, including a professional photographer for a magazine.

I read an interesting article in You Magazine about Ruby Rufus Isaacs, an exciting new designer who specialises in cashmere fashion for dogs. 

The article can be read in full here.

I agreethat  there is a market for high quality fashion garments for the dog that has everything.   My story started when I wanted to keep my beloved Papillon warm and clean for her showing career. I didn’t want Lulu to look silly in a practical waterproof outfit. I wanted my show girl to be warm while also looking smart and striking. When we arrived at the dog show I was wearing a matching outfit to Lulu, and to my surprise and delight, the other exhibitors loved our haute couture look, to the point where one lady immediately bought one of my coats. 

I have always loved quality fabrics. Why not dress your dog in cashmere, silk, wool and velvets which are sumptuous, stylish and warm.  Like Ruby, my mother has said the same thing to me, “Do something you love no matter what”.  I have always been creative - my first love was designing and making bespoke wedding dresses.  Now I can design and create gorgeous, stunning dog wear without the shadow  of  “The Big Day” looming overhead!